Economic Development 2017

Check-in & Breakfast Service 7:00-8:00

Welcome 7:50-8:00

 Jeriah Threlfall, Executive Director, St. George Area Economic Development

Open Remarks 8:00-8:10

Women's Leadership Institute’s ElevateHER Challenge

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Breakfast Keynote Speaker 8:15-9:00


Create, Not Relocate: Entrepreneurship's Role in Economic Development

John Richards -- active entrepreneur, angel investor, mentor, and educator in the venture ecosystem -- will share his thoughts on the role of entrepreneurship in economic development and how community stakeholders should reduce the dependency on the arm's race of tax incentives and other outdated methods and instead create the solution organically.
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Networking Break 9:00-9:15

First Breakout Session 9:15-10:00

Residential Real Estate 2017 Preview

Sunbrook A & B

We’ve all read and heard the State and National reports on the post-election forecast and what possible effects it may play here locally in our market.  This year we will take a closer look at two of the driving factors, mortgage interest rates and inventory availability.  Is it a Buyer’s Market or is it a Seller’s Market?  What about home value appreciation?  Recently there has been a lot of talk about home prices and if they are accelerating too quickly. All these topics and many more will be shared during this year’s breakout session.
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The End of Entrepreneurship


In 2009, Neal co-founded Orabrush with Dr. Bob Wagstaff and his brother, Jeffrey. Their online “bad breath” campaign was enormously successful, earning a spot on Google’s “Iconic Ad Moments on YouTube” and achieving global distribution in retail stores like Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, Boots, and others. After success with Orabrush, he and his brothers launched two new companies simultaneously, creating VidAngel and the ad agency Harmon Brothers. The agency has earned recognition for creating viral online campaigns for Poo~Pourri, Squatty Potty, Purple and ChatBooks.
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Your Company’s Overlooked Gold Mine

Entrada B & C

More than 85% of all brand purchases are made by women. So why are women in short supply in board rooms and in decision-making positions? Ignoring the leadership potential of more than half of the population puts your organization in peril. Come hear about the Women's Leadership Institute and how WLI’s ElevateHER Challenge is shaping company cultures, enhancing ROI, attracting and retaining talent, and improving employee morale.
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Trump and the Global Economy: How will it Impact Utah?

Sunbrook C

Utah’s diverse economy includes robust international business. Our state is #4 in the nation for export growth and 22% of jobs are supported by global trade. What impact will a Trump presidency have on Utah’s economy, with promises to dismantle the Trans Pacific Partnership and withdraw from NAFTA? Will Utah companies benefit or be hurt? World Trade Center Utah President and CEO, Derek Miller will moderate an international business panel on how Utah companies are succeeding in the global economy and how business leaders can navigate the uncertain and turbulent waters ahead.
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Connecting Communities from Now to 2040: Transportation Planning in Washington County

Entrada A

As Washington County grew from 14,000 residents in 1970 to over 160,000 today, local leaders, elected officials, developers, and planners worked tirelessly to keep traffic congestion low and to provide easy access to homes, businesses and stores. What is coming down the road next? This breakout session will look deeply at local long-range transportation plans, potential benefits and impacts on the eve of yet another population explosion.
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Networking Break 10:00-10:15

What’s Up Down South Session 10:15-11:15


Workforce Services Regional Economist Lecia Langston will kick off the session presenting local economic and demographic conditions and projections. Next, we’ll hear project updates from businesses and organizations that are impacting our local economy. Prepare for a quick-fire lineup of local experts that will include representatives from: Intermountain Healthcare, St. George City, Rocky Vista University, and Dixie State University.
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Second Breakout Session 11:30-12:15

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Utah's Talent Pipeline


DevMountain is an industry-leading code school nestled in the heart of the Wasatch Mountains. Founded by coders, DevMountain's expert faculty is sharing their craft, and empowering the next wave of programmers and entrepreneurs. Join DevMountain Founder, Tyler Richards for first-hand insights into Utah’s Tech pipeline. Tyler will share his thoughts about what the state, cities, universities, and private sector can do in order to keep up with talent demand.
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Commercial Real Estate

Sunbrook A & B

If you are looking for an update on retail, office, industrial, and other projects in Washington County, you won’t want to miss this session.  Local commercial real estate experts from NAI Excel and Cushman & Wakefield Commerce will present market research and lead a discussion on the direction of commercial real estate in the area.  Business owners, real estate advisors, and investors making commercial real estate decisions in 2017 will find this session of particular interest.
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Collaborating to Grow the Maker Movement and Foster Innovation

Entrada A

The Maker Movement is the platform for today’s entrepreneurs to create, develop and prototype new and interesting ideas and products. This new, hyperlocal manufacturing environment holds potential not only for individual hobbyists but also for advances in local entrepreneurship and job creation. Learn why community leaders in the St. George Area are excited about this movement to democratize access to the tools of innovation as we spark conversation and action about how to collaboratively support makers and small scale manufacturing.
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Investing in the Innovation Economy

Entrada B & C

This session will feature Steve Harrop, a Lipper Awarded investor for over 4 decades, who will provide insights as to how innovation is impacting the global economic landscape. Additionally, Hal Anderson, Chief Investment Officer for Soltis Investment Advisors will discuss how innovation in strategies and vehicles is changing the traditional paradigms of Wall Street and how that impacts todays investors.
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Washington County Economy Overview

Sunbrook C

How long can it last? Washington County’s economic expansion is now in its sixth year. In 2016, some of the county’s economic indicators have deviated from the steady pattern of the past several years. What’s changed and what might those alterations mean? Lecia Parks Langston, economist at the Department of Workforce Services will review the most up-to-date numbers available for the nation, the state and the county and discuss what they might portend for the economy in the future. She will also discuss what new data sources are revealing about the labor market.
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Luncheon Keynote Speaker 12:30-1:30


Regional Innovation: The Role of Industry, Government and Universities in Creating Environments where Entrepreneurs Flourish

Research on successful innovative regions suggests core capabilities and key forms of collaboration that enable innovation and entrepreneurship. Dr. Walshok’s talk will share the principles emerging from research as well as share interesting case studies from San Diego, which over the last 40 years, has built multiple innovation clusters, creating new companies, new jobs and new wealth for the region.
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Closing Remarks 1:30-2:00

Jeriah Threlfall, Executive Director, St. George Area Economic Development